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Published by: Kevin Brand on 21-Jan-22
"What is the MIND KILLER?"


"What do they say about FEAR?"


"FEAR is the MIND Killer!"




Because when you are overcome by FEAR you normally do not THINK properly!


The Fear has taken over and now you do not know which decision to make!


Instincts kick in and now it is either Flight or Fight!


Most people choose FLIGHT!


But you MUST choose another PATH!


When the Fear kicks in!






Slow everything down in your MIND!




Think with a clear mind and purpose, so you can make the RIGHT decision!


Do not allow FEAR to control your MIND or your PATH!


It is Fear that makes many come to and leave this business!


Fear of forever being an employee may drive you too this business, but realization of the work it takes, may drive you from it!


So this FEAR must be CONQUERED and REMOVED from the EQUATION all together!