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Learn How To Get The Most Out Of Yourself & Business! Proper Mindset For Success!


Do not allow people to pass you without greeting or acknowledging them.

You never know who your buyers are and remember that the goal is 400 people a day and that you are dealing with the Law of Averages.


The three main objectives are territory, connecting with 400 people per day (minimum) and to pitch everyone!


The KEY observation here is the product does not matter, the system matters.

In my previous example we could have sold anything, but because of enthusiasm, creating attention and working the system, we were successful!


Well, I finally LISTENED and decided with this Determined Idea that I would work on having my own Online Business! I did not know how or when, but I was going to do it! I had trust and confidence in myself and what I could accomplish!

This is what we all must realize and have that assurance in what we can do.


We have all kinds of conviction in others, and what they can or will accomplish.

Yet we know ourselves so well that we often only focus on the negative aspects, instead of the positive traits that reside WITHIN!